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Our seasoned entrepreneurs spot the opportunities.

Our creatives and techies create products to fill the gaps.

Our marketing gurus let the world know the gap has been plugged.

Together, we make smart business ideas work.

What we do We create online media products that disrupt the status quo.

We’ve been around long enough to know that people who have free and easy access to good, independent information will make smart decisions.

And that they’re happy to pay for the products and services they choose based on these decisions.

We give people the information, and we offer them the products and services. All in one, convenient place:

Our online products.

How We Work Like the e-commerce disruptors we are.

We’re progressive, fast moving and innovative.

We match users with the information, services and products they need.

They only pay for the products and services they want. The information is free.

It’s all driven by digital innovation and advanced marketing.

Current Projects

We design online
products to shake up

Fit and Shape by Science

The all-in-one portal that can change anybody.

In the Pipeline

An ancient health, spirituality and healing method goes digital.

Fit & Shape by Science Say hello to the
future of the health,
fitness and wellness
industry. www.fitandshapebyscience.com

No one need go to gym.

No one need hire a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a wellness coach.

No one need visit a supplement or health store.


Because anyone, anywhere in the world can get the scientific information, expert-led programmes and proven products to get their minds focussed and their bodies in shape.

All with a single click.

In the pipeline An ancient health,
spirituality and
healing method
goes digital.

We can’t tell you everything about this one just yet – because the I’s haven’t been dotted and the T’s haven’t been crossed.

But we can give you some clues: it’s going to be the largest global online portal for an ancient health, spirituality and healing method the world over.

Watch this space. It’s going to be big.

Be Part of it The FS Online Media Group is in the market for partners.
Investors interested in growing the Fit & Shape by Science business with us beyond German-speaking Europe.

Investors interested in being part of our new - in the pipeline - product.

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What is Fit & Shape by Science?

An online portal that gives people the information, programmes and products they need to make the change they want.

We collect the latest science-backed information on fitness, nutrition and supplements.

We work with the leading experts in these fields.

We partner with the best fitness, nutrition and supplement suppliers.

Then, to make it nice and easy for our users, we put all three together in a single, powerful portal packed with videos, how-to blogs and a selection of on-sale products to match.

There’s specific information for every body type, every gender, every age, every starting point and every desired goal – no matter how big or small.

And it’s all backed by science-based videos and articles – linked to peer-reviewed studies so users can see the science for themselves.

We created Fit & Shape by Science because we were tired of all the BS, bluster and bad promises.

As health, fitness and wellness fundis ourselves, we were sick of all the snake-oil-salesmen sites promising “miracle results”.

We wanted to be able to go online and get science-based information, guidance from trained professionals and proven products – all in one place.

And we wanted all this tailored to our individual needs, gender, goals and body types. After all, we’re not all one size and shape, so why would a one-size-fits-all solution ever work?

Lastly, we wanted all this in our mother tongue: German.

We searched the world wide web for an online product that gave us all this in one URL. But we found nothing. Not only nothing in German, nothing for the European market whatsoever.

The Gap

We know we’re not alone.

Europeans are serious about being fitter, healthier and happier.

They want independent information from real experts, backed by science.

They want the expert-led programmes and proven products to turn that information into results.

They want all this in one place and available 24/7 – just like the millions of other products and services they buy online every day.

And they’re prepared to pay for it.

The German-speaking fitness and supplement market alone is worth 2.4 billion Euros. Think of what the entire European market is worth…

Yet there’s never been a single online portal that digitises this money-spinning market.

Until now.

We saw the gap, and we took it.